Monday, July 18, 2011

Clean Sheets

Today I begin week 2 of the 90 Day Bible reading challenge.  The past week has been so fulfulling!  I've stayed on track and have almost 10% of the entire Bible read already, whoo hoo!

Today I am reading in Leviticus and my theme is "clean sheets"!  One of life's simple pleasures is crawling into a bed with freshly laundered sheets.  They are so crisp and clean, smell so good and promise a great night's sleep every time.  Unfortunately, after one night, they just don't hold the same appeal.  They aren't as comfortable and I won't be able to experience that luxurious feeling again until I go through all the work of stripping the bed, washing the sheets, and remaking the bed - such a daunting task, it only gets done once a week at best.

Living under the "old" law was  A LOT of work!  There were too many instructions to count!  Was this clean or unclean?  Which sacrifices do I need to make?  How do I make those sacrifices?  Talk about daunting!  After reading these verses, it just reaffirms how good God was to his people to abolish these ways and give us something "easy".  Is living a Christian life easy?  No, but because he gave his one and only son to die for OUR many sins, we have hope of eternal life!  I think I can safely say that if I lived in Moses and Aaron's time I wouldn't have any hope of that.  Too much work, too complicated...I've never been the best at following directions.  Repentance would be like cleaning the sheets, a daunting task, so I wouldn't do it as often as I should.  Thank the Lord, I can have "clean sheets" at any time now.  The process is simple....ask !  There is no stain that our Mighty God can't get out, he instantly restores us to his crisp, clean , sweet smelling followers!


  1. This is a really good perspective on Leviticus. I am in the midst of the Old Testament and am always excited to get a fresh perspective.

  2. yes fresh sheets have always made a difference loved your passage and post thanks for sharing

  3. I am participating in the Bible in 90 Days too. I have never read the Bible cover to cover like this. But Leviticus has always been one of the more difficult books to read. I often wondered how they remembered it all. I've also wondered where they came up with all those animals to sacrifice. Thanks for the analogy! Heather