Thursday, July 7, 2011

Friday's Frugal Finds

Friday's Frugal Finds
Welcome to the first installment of "Friday's Frugal Finds"!  Each Friday, I will post money saving ideas or tips that caught my eye.  Follow me so you won't miss them!

This week's Frugal Finds

1.  Use cloth napkins and towels! Years ago I was a papertowelaholic!   I got it honest, because my mom is too.  However, the simple change to cloth napkins instead of paper has been life changing.  It is sooo simple!  You can pick up several packs on clearance almost anywhere or make your own if you can sew a straight almost straight line.  One roll of paper towels can last me several that's frugal!  Clean up spills with rags instead of paper towels too and you've made money!

2.  FREE Chick-fil-a meal!  It's that time of year again, Cow Appreciation Day!  Friday, July 8 dress like a cow from head-to-toe and get a free meal.  Dress kind of like a cow and get the sandwich only free!  Go here for all the details!

3.  FREE Lego Club Magazine for 2 years!  Go here to sign up!  If child is under 7, they will get Lego Club, Jr. mag.

4.  FREE Music!  I just discovered Jango Internet radio!  I've been a Pandora listener for a while, but was getting tired of all the commercial breaks.  Jango rocks!  I've been listening to it now for a couple of weeks and have yet to hear a commercial.  I even like the selections they pick better than Pandora.  They promote new artists too, so you can hear the latest and greatest tunes.

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