Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's Frugal Finds

Here are some great freebies/deals and advice for making your money stretch further!

1. Super Cheap Subscription to Disney's Family Fun Magazine!  We LOVE this magazine!  It provides so many ideas for fun craft, party, recipe, activities that are kid friendly.  Today at Tanga you can get a year's subscription for only $2.99 with the coupon code disney.  Hurry, these deals don't last long!

 2.  FREE Dog Treats!  I never BUY dog treats, I always rely on treat freebies and here's one from Natural Nibbles.  Scroll down their home page and click on Free Sample in bottom right corner.

3. Pay with CASH!  Here's some advice to make your hard earned money go further!   It's worth a little extra planning time to make sure you have cash on hand instead of swiping your debit or credit card.  YOU WILL spend less if you have to hand over the actual money vs. plastic!   In our area, we've also had a lot of card number theft problems. So, not only will using cash save you money, it's safer too!

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