Thursday, July 14, 2011

Savvy Storage Idea

I'm always looking for storage solutions on the cheap and if I can repurpose something I already have that's even better.  One item I ALWAYS have an abundance of is flavored coffee creamer containers due to my severe small coffee addiction.  When Beckie over at Infarranty Creative asked for strange storage ideas, I knew I needed to share this one.  These creamer containers can be used for so many things!  Simply remove the label and wash and dry thoroughly.  I make homemade chocolate syrup and iced coffee mix and these are perfect for storing these liquids in the fridge.  When I give these homemade mixtures for gifts, I wrap the container in tissue paper and wrap with a bow and instant cuteness! 
From this

To this!
They are also great for storing paints for easy pourability (is that a word?)...oh well, it is now!  Do you have any clever storage solutions?

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  1. Oh my that is so cute! I love that! Thanks for sharing.